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Review: SAB Goblin 570 Kyle Stacy Edition


SAB broke all the molds of traditional styling of RC helicopters when they released their Goblin line of 3D helicopters. In the past few years I’ve built more than a few Goblin models. They all share the same aesthetics, feel, agility, speed, design and performance.

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Heli Scale Masters


September 25, 2015 found the sun drenched Northern California farmland of Yolo County blanketed in the foggy stillness of an early autumn morning. The sound heard was at first eerily indistinct and far off, a ghostly faint whawmp whawmp whawmp echoing at the same time from everywhere and nowhere.

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Review: Estes Proto Z


Estes has made an impression on the entry level quad market with the release of the Proto X, Proto X FPV and now the new Proto Z. Each Proto quad has brought with it features for a better user experience and I am happy to report that the new Proto Z carries on with that tradition.

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Gaui Gx4 Helicopter


Welcome back to another episode of GPT. In this edition I want to review the Gaui GX4 gas powered helicopter. As discussed in the past, gas helicopters are available now in many sizes; from big 900 class models down to small 400 class machines.

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O.S. Brushless 700-800 Class Electric Heli Motors


O.S. has long been regarded as THE premiere manufacturer of nitro engines. Highly regarded for their quality and longevity, almost anyone that participates in RC has probably owned an O.S. engine at some point. However

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F3C for Dummies


About 30+ years ago I taught myself how to fly a Carl Goldberg Gentle Lady glider. I would hand launch it, fly it, do it again and again and again. Eventually I moved on, joined a club called the FORKS and got into powered airplanes.

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BK Designs: Switch Rotor Blades


Switch blades are a new contender in the vast blade market. What makes these blades unique is that they are being fielded by long-time pilot Bert Kammerer and his wife Suzie. Bert has always been intrigued by blade design and Suzie had been involved with V-Blades back in 2004.

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Buying Used Machines


Buying used radio control helicopters online is something I have always been a little hesitant about. Everyone loves to buy new stuff for sure; I mean who can resist tearing open such a nicely wrapped package and having zero issues with the contents inside?

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Save BIG with the Hobbico Friends and Family Sale

Hobbico friends & family rc sale

Get ready for good times with your modeling buddies. During the Friends and Family sale,  you’ll all enjoy great savings on over three dozen aircraft, vehicles, boats and more from Hobbico’s best brands. Everything from select Dromida drones to 1/8 scale ARRMA …

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AMA In DC Fighting For Pilot’s Rights


Bob Brown and the gang at the AMA have been on Capitol Hill the past few days, educating legislators and gaining allies in our fight to keep restrictions on RC pilots as painless as possible. This is good news indeed. …

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Hitec X1 Mini Universal AC Input Balance Charger/Discharger


With a small form factor and the ability to charge all battery chemistries, including the latest LiHV high voltage Lithium Polymer chemistry, the Hitec X1 Mini offers amazing grab and go portability and convenience. A six amp power supply delivers …

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Heli Blade-Balancing Tips

Heli Blade-Balancing Tips

Most heli blades that you can buy are really high-tech, and for the most part, they come balanced. No matter how much a manufacturer claims, I still like to check the balance of my blades! As a result, I trust certain manufacturers much more …

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JC Zankl: A young pilot gets his start with vintage models.

JC Zankl

These days most young pilots cut their teeth on simulators or ready-to-fly electric helis. Even fewer young pilots know anything about what really makes model helis tick or the challenging evolution that lead to what they are today. JC Zankl is a well respected pilot …

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Flying the Pirouetting Loop

Pirouetting Loop

In recent years the Pirouetting Loop has been a maneuver in the XFC and 3D Masters’ Known Maneuver sets. This is one of my favorite maneuvers because it looks very clean and precise and has many variations. Some variations include pirouetting globes, vertical pirouetting …

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Blade Micro AH-64 Apache RTF & BNF

Blade® Micro AH-64 Apache BNF Scale RC Helicopter  1

Pilots who love scale helicopters will do a double take when they see the newly announced Blade Micro AH-64 Apache gunship. Available in both BNF and RTF packages, this micro sized model uses AS3X technology to help keep flight maneuvers …

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