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The Great Fall Rebate on over 40 O.S. and Futaba items

The Great FALL Rebate has arrived! With over 40 O.S. and Futaba items to choose from, now’s the time to buy the O.S. Engine or Futaba Radio system you’ve always wanted. Purchase an eligible item featured below between now and …

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HD Helicopters Releases The HD 750 … Bigger Is Better!

HD Helicopters of Germany known for their premium HD500 helicopter will be releasing their latest model, a competition grade 750-size model that can swing up to 766mm main blades and 126mm tail blades. This new HD750 benefits from the same …

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Hitec Power Peak D7 AC/DC Charging Station Main

Hitec Power Peak D7 AC/DC Charging Station Main

Hitec continues to bring you exemplary power and convenience with our latest Power Peak D7 AC/DC Charging Station. Armed with two independent 200-watt output ports, producing up to 20 amps of charge current each, the Power Peak D7 is capable …

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MKS HV93 Series Servos-1

MKS HV93 Series Servos

The trend of high voltage servos has been percolating down through all the classes of servo size. Until just recently, finding a high voltage set of servos for a 450-size model was a bit difficult. However, MKS now offers a snappy fast set of high voltage, aluminum cased servos to outfit your micro-servo compatible model.

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Fly Series LiPo Batteries-3

Fly Series LiPo Batteries

For those that aren’t familiar, Venom Group has been producing LiPo cells for nearly as long as anyone in the industry. In 2001, Vertical Partners West, LLC (Venom’s parent company) was founded, quite literally, in a garage.

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Review: Blade270 CFX Bind-N-Fly

The Blade series of helicopters exemplify simplicity and user friendliness. Due to increasing popularity and technological advancements, Blade has integrated flybarless systems into several of their helicopter models.

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Blade Micro Ah-64  Apache-1

Blade Micro Ah-64 Apache

The Boeing AH-64 Apache is a storied machine that was first introduced into service in 1986. Originally developed by Hughes to replace the venerable AH-1 Cobra, the Apache has done all that and more. The airframe has been modified into a wide array of variants and still serves the U.S. armed forces as well as many other NATO countries to this day.

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KDE Direct 550XP-1200-G3 Motor-1

KDE Direct 550XP-1200-G3 Motor

KDE Direct has been evolving their motor lineup on a regular basis, refining and improving an already premium product. The XF line offers motors to cover the gamut of 450-800 size helis. I obtained their latest KDE700XF-535-G3 to try in my MD7/8 helicopter setup as a 700-size.

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RC Heli Pilot News

All the best RC Heli Pilot cool products

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The Soviet Flying Tank-1

Hind: The Soviet Flying Tank

We’ve been on a bit of a scale model kick over the past few issues and while the lure and beauty of such machines might be lost on many of the younger generation, there are still a great many of us who hold specific models near and dear to us. Whatever the reason may be, these aircraft are special, for one reason or another.

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Chris Reibert-3

Pilot Profile: Chris Reibert

This article was originally published in RC Heli Pilot February/March 2016 issue. RCHP: How many years have you been in the hobby? Chris Reibert: I have been flying for 28 years. RCHP: How did you get involved in the hobby? CR: My Papa …

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2O15 Swiss Alpine Heli Smackdown-1

2O15 Swiss Alpine Heli Smackdown

The 2015 Swiss Alpine Heli Smackdown (AHS) was the seventh year for the event. It is always held around the first weekend in October, which coincides with the Swiss Festa d’Autonno: the Autumn Festival. The annual Swiss Alpine Heli Smackdown is a good old fashion fun fly like those popular in the US in the 80’s and 90’s where there is no competition, just come and have fun.

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Review: SAB Heli Division Goblin Urukay Competition

The rationale behind the original design of the Goblin Urukay was to produce a helicopter targeted towards F3C flying while also maintaining a quite capable 3D flight performance envelope. This ‘hybrid’ design ultimately proved to be quite successful and to date is very much in demand.

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Review: SAB Goblin 570 Kyle Stacy Edition

SAB broke all the molds of traditional styling of RC helicopters when they released their Goblin line of 3D helicopters. In the past few years I’ve built more than a few Goblin models. They all share the same aesthetics, feel, agility, speed, design and performance.

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Heli Scale Masters

September 25, 2015 found the sun drenched Northern California farmland of Yolo County blanketed in the foggy stillness of an early autumn morning. The sound heard was at first eerily indistinct and far off, a ghostly faint whawmp whawmp whawmp echoing at the same time from everywhere and nowhere.

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