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How to Fly the Funnel

Training: How to Fly the Funnel

It’s Gravity Defying A funnel is a maneuver where the helicopter is flying sideways in a horizontal circle in the air. When done at high speed, the angle of the rotor disk relative to the ground will approach 90 degrees. …

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Blade 450 X BNF and RTF

The Blade heli development team has utilized their decades of combined RC experience and talent to design the new and exciting Blade 450 X.  This new heli comes packed with great features and is touted as being the lightest airframe in …

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Movie Magic and RC – Dolphin Tale

RC Helis in Dolphin Tale

Popular Movie Gives RC Helis Exposure — in 3D! One rainy Sunday back in October, my five year old daughter, Abigail, and I were looking for something to do together. She really wanted to go see the new movie, Dolphin …

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Futaba 18MZ 18-Channel 2.4GHz Computer Radio System

Review - Futaba 18MZ 18-Channel 2.4GHz Computer Radio System

For some time now, the 14MZ has been Futaba’s flagship radio system. It was at the time of its introduction one of the most feature-rich radio systems available. With the arrival of the 18MZ however, it appears that it’s time …

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Fixed or Collective Pitch, Small or Large, Paper or Plastic?

Hover Pad: Fixed Pitch or Collective Pitch

Swinging its tail around to point cannons in your face, the scale Super Cobra hovering at eye level sucked you right in and inspired a whisper; “I’ve gotta have one of those!” And that is when the trouble began. You …

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Performing a Stationary Flip

How To: Performing a Stationary Flip

A stationary flip is one of the basic building blocks of 3D maneuvers. In it’s most basic form, it’s a loop performed without any forward motion. I like to perform them with pause at the inverted position. Let’s take a …

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Random Heli Launches New Range of RC Heli Skid Clamps for SAB Goblin Helicopters

Goblin Assortment

Following the success of their Original Skid Clamps, Random Heli is shipping a new range of Skid Clamps for Goblins. Goblin Skid clamps come in three sizes to fit SAB Goblin models from 500 to 770 and are available with …

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Blade 450X Aerobatic Heli

Heli Review: Blade 450X Aerobatic Heli

Extreme 3D Performance, Right Out of the Box! Blade’s line of helicopters has introduced countless thousands of people into the world of RC helicopters. The 450 X is their most advanced 450-size helicopter yet. Targeted towards intermediate and advanced pilots, …

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Hover Training Part 2

Basic Training: Hover Training Part 2

Crawl-Walk-Run Part one of this hover training series, featured in the June/July issue of RC Heli Pilot magazine, detailed all the control techniques required to maintain a stationary hover. This month builds on that knowledge by applying the timeless crawl-walk-run …

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Rebuild Your Nitro Engine

How To: Rebuild Your Nitro Engine

Re-Power Your Old Engine for Peak Perfomance At the end of last year’s flying season my nitro engines seemed to be lacking the power I was used to. It was hot and humid, the air was thin and my helicopters …

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O.S. 105HZ Heli Engine

Review: O.S. 105HZ Heli Engine

Crazy Power with a 60-90-Size Footprint In 2011, O.S. introduced two new high-performance engines, the O.S. 91 Speed and O.S. 105HZ. The O.S. 91 Speed is available in 3D or F3C versions and they are very high-performance competition engines. The …

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Learn How To Hover

How To: Learn How To Hover

As the saying goes, some of the most rewarding activities are also often the most challenging, and learning to fly helicopters certainly fits into that category. Indeed, merely hovering a helicopter has been compared to trying to balance a marble …

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