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2O15 Swiss Alpine Heli Smackdown

The 2015 Swiss Alpine Heli Smackdown (AHS) was the seventh year for the event. It is always held around the first weekend in October, which coincides with the Swiss Festa d’Autonno: the Autumn Festival. The annual Swiss Alpine Heli Smackdown is a good old fashion fun fly like those popular in the US in the 80’s and 90’s where there is no competition, just come and have fun.

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Review: SAB Heli Division Goblin Urukay Competition

The rationale behind the original design of the Goblin Urukay was to produce a helicopter targeted towards F3C flying while also maintaining a quite capable 3D flight performance envelope. This ‘hybrid’ design ultimately proved to be quite successful and to date is very much in demand.

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Review: SAB Goblin 570 Kyle Stacy Edition

SAB broke all the molds of traditional styling of RC helicopters when they released their Goblin line of 3D helicopters. In the past few years I’ve built more than a few Goblin models. They all share the same aesthetics, feel, agility, speed, design and performance.

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Heli Scale Masters

September 25, 2015 found the sun drenched Northern California farmland of Yolo County blanketed in the foggy stillness of an early autumn morning. The sound heard was at first eerily indistinct and far off, a ghostly faint whawmp whawmp whawmp echoing at the same time from everywhere and nowhere.

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Review: Estes Proto Z

Estes has made an impression on the entry level quad market with the release of the Proto X, Proto X FPV and now the new Proto Z. Each Proto quad has brought with it features for a better user experience and I am happy to report that the new Proto Z carries on with that tradition.

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