Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Blade 600 X Pro Series Kit

If you feel like what you’re flying is keeping you from realizing your full potential as a 3D master, shatter those limits with the explosive power and performance of the Blade 600 X. It shares the same frame and rotor head with the Blade 550 X, but adds the extra punch of an E-flite® Heli 700, 500Kv brushless motor. This abundance of power, along with the set of Revolution® 600mm carbon fiber blades that are included, will allow you to confidently explore the extremes of 3D flight with performance to spare.


1 x Revolution® Flybarless 600mm carbon fiber main blade set
1 x Revolution 95mm carbon fiber tail blade set
1 x E-flite® heli 700, 500Kv brushless outrunner motor
1 x E-flite 10A BEC
1 x Sleek pre-painted fiberglass canopy

Key Features

  • Direct-to-swash, flybarless head design
  • Symmetrical carbon fiber main frames
  • CNC-machined aluminum head block and blade grips
  • CNC-machined aluminum swashplate
  • Revolution 600mm carbon fiber main blades
  • Revolution 95mm tail blades
  • Triple ball bearing-supported, 10mm solid steel main shaft
  • Integrated bearing block servo mount design
  • Torque-tube driven tail with aluminum tail boom and case
  • Dual-point tail pitch slider and balanced tail grips
  • E-flite® Heli 700, 500Kv brushless outrunner motor