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Canomod Zeal Canopy and Tail Boom for Goblin 380 Heli

Canomod makes a diverse assortment of after-market canopies for almost every helicopter currently available in the market. Two of the newest products are their Zeal Blade schemed canopy and tail boom for the SAB Goblin 380 helicopter. Featuring a brilliant orange, white and carbon fiber finish, these components are air-brushed and painted with high gloss, automotive quality paints and clear coat. A canopy and tail boom with the same paint scheme are also available for the larger SAB Goblin 500 heli. Canomod designs and produces some of the most vibrant color schemes in the industry. They can also be commissioned to do custom work, colors and schemes.

To order these Goblin 380 components, or to see the amazing variety of products and color schemes, click through to CANOMOD.COM

CanoMod - Zeal - Canopy Goblin 380 CanoMod - Zeal - CF Tail Boom Goblin 380

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