Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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East Coast Scale Helicopters Now Importing the Starwood Lama

East Coast Scale Helicopters is pleased to announce that it is now importing the Starwood Lama. We have decided to continue calling this model the Starwood Lama in memory of Al Wert, who originally imported it for Starwood models. Al was a good friend and mentor to many people.

The model is a very true to scale, turbine fuselage package, at an unbelievable price. The kit comes complete with all the parts needed to put together a super scale model of the Lama SA 315 B. Included in the East Coast package; includes the fuselage kit, interior kit with joysticks, exterior fittings set, scale fuel tank (turbine version), main and tail rotor blades in carbon fiber, along with a super scale Rotor head and tail rotor assembly. Also, we have included the unique “Starwood Turbine”, made by Jakodofsky Jet Engines, which is properly geared for the head speed and power required for this particular model.

We also offer an electric version, which comes with the same scale parts as the turbine model, but, comes with the electric motor and Roxxy speed controller. Optional parts include a dummy turbine engine for the electric version, and for the turbine version we have a scale exhaust system, which was developed to help reduce turbine thrust in the model.

Pricing starts at just $5499.00. Both of these models are available for shipment throughout the world.For more information, please visit our web site located at: