Thursday, December 14, 2017
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ElectriFly Lithium Volt Meter – For 2S to 6S Lithium Chemistry Batteries

It is an established fact that keeping the individual cells of a Lithium chemistry battery at or near the same voltage achieves optimum battery performance and longevity. Keeping the individual cells balanced while charging also results in a more fully charged battery pack. The ElectriFly Lithium Volt Meter (LVM) allows one to quickly check both individual cell voltage and total battery voltage. this handy little tool is about the same size as a flash drive and equally affordable. Remove the protective cap, connect it to the balancing cable of a Lithium chemistry battery and the LVM will display and rotate through the voltage of each individual cell and total pack voltage.  The  exceptionally accurate LVM displays individual cell voltages to the nearest hundredth of a volt, and total pack voltage to the nearest tenth of a volt. The LVM can fit in a pocket or can be lashed to ones radio neck strap, key chain or transmitter case using the included secure loop attachment. Includes ElectriFly battery connectors, a 2-6S adapter for FlightPower and Thunder Power packs.

Dimensions: 2.75 x 0.91 x 0.51 in (70 x 23 x 13 mm)
Weight: 0.43 oz (12.3 g)
Voltage Range: 2S-6S (5.5V-25.2V)


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