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Futaba CGY750

The Futaba CGY750 3-axis gyro system makes the T-Rex 600 flybarless helicopter come alive.

A 3-Axis Gyro/Governor

Flybarless System

I could sum up this product in one sentence. The new CGY750 3-Axis Gyro System coupled with the built-in engine governor is simply incredible; try it and you will love it.

Okay, let me at expand on that statement. Futaba advertised its new CGY750 as the most advanced 3-axis (flybarless) system on the planet, and after spending a lot of time with the unit, I can say that I agree with the hype. The system is amazingly compact and lightweight, with the sensor itself being smaller than a quarter. I am very familiar with almost all the Futaba gyro systems in the last 20 years, from the old low-cost GY154 to GY401, GY601, GY611 and more modern GY520. The Futabas CGY750 with the integrated engine governor offers incredible performance owing to its exceptional sensor design and its advanced/adaptive PID (proportional, integrator, derivative) control algorithm. The control unit provides a large, easy-to-read OLED display and an intuitive menu system that makes basic and expert settings quick and easy to modify.

Here are all the components that come with the CGY750.

Nearly all the electronic SAS (stability augmentation systems) for flybarless helicopters on the market use a PID algorithm. The difference is that each of the P, I and D feedback gain requires painstaking fine tuning by the designer to produce the best flight handling. There is a PID feedback for each axis, and when you combine all three axis together, there is a lot of tweaking and flight testing to achieve an optimal handling quality. This is why we want to buy a SAS from a reputable company, such as Futaba, that has years of experience in electronics and with many world-class test pilots to validate its design by engineering and trial and error to perfect it.

The 3-axis sensor is dwarfed by the watch. Incredible technology and amazing flight performance in such a small package.

Coupling a gyro system to an engine governor is not a new concept. It was done 10 years ago by BBT, a Germany company. By integrating the tail gyro with an engine governor, the total system can anticipate each others corrective action to make the engine run even smoother with no tail kicking. Rudiger Feli used such a system from BBT and won the European F3C Championship three times. Futaba took this concept and perfected it and coupled it with a 3-axis gyro system for flybarless helicopters. Futaba also offers a single axis CGY701 system with just the tail gyro system and a built-in governor.

The CGY750 requires an S.Bus receiver, which allows the use of only a single connection between the receiver and control box for operation. You can use a standard PWM receiver with the optional PWM receiver to S.Bus adapter which is available separately. The firmware in the CGY750 can be updated from a Windows-based computer when using the optional CIU-2 interface.

Regardless of 3D orientation, the CGY750 keeps the helicopter on track and locks the tailrotor like a visegrip.

I tested the CGY750 in my flybarless T-Rex 600 that has already been flown and trimmed with Aligns 3G flybarless electronics. I simply replaced the 3G box with the CGY750. The resulting difference was amazing. The CGY750 makes the T-Rex 600 really come alive. While the heli was already an excellent performer with the 3G system, once I installed the CGY750, the helicopter received new life. Amazingly, it is just as if not more stable as a flybar equipped helicopter. In aerobatics, the helicopter is completely predictable and it fools you to believe you are flying a really responsive flybarred machine. Loops are perfectly straight and rolls are axial. The CGY750 makes me look like a better pilot. The pirouette rate is very steady and fore/aft tick tocks have no yaw changes. After testing many flybarless boxes, I find the Futaba CGY750 to be my favorite. If you are considering getting into a flybarless helicopter, I suggest trying one and you will soon discover how much fun flying can be.

This is the brain of the CGY750. I recommend using a Futaba S.Bus receiver system to take advantage all the features.


– Read the instructions.

– I suggest using it with a Futaba radio system so you can take advantage of the Futaba S.Bus technology.

– Use high-speed digital servos.

– Take it easy on the first few flights to get use to it.

– Even though it makes a flybarless helicopter very stable, I do not recommend this unit for beginners. There are a lot of settings between the radio, CGY750 and the helicopter that need to work together to get the most out of this system.


GYRO: 3-axis flybarless gyro

GOVERNOR: Built-in throttle governor

GOVERNOR RPM RANGE: 1,000 to 3,000


INCLUDED PRESETS: 3D, Sport, 450-550, 600-700, and 750+

SERVO COMPATIBILITY: Works with digital or analog servos

SWASHPLATE COMPATIBILITY: works with all swashplate types

CONTROL UNIT DIMENSIONS: 1.73 x 1.18 x .44 in. (44 x 30 x 11.35mm)

GYRO SENSOR DIMENSIONS: .82 x .82 x .39 in. (21 x 21 x 10mm)

WEIGHT: Control unit, .3 oz. (13 grams); Gyro sensor, .4 oz. (10 grams)

GYRO RESPONSE RATE: +/- 1,200 degrees per second

PRICE: $319.99


HELICOPTER: Align T-Rex 600


MUFFLER: O.S. 55 muffler

RADIO: Futaba 10CG transmitter, Futaba R6014HS receiver

SERVOS: Align servos that came with T-Rex 600 3G combo

RECEIVER BATTERY: 6 volt, 2,500mAh NiMH

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The CGY750 is incredible and works fantasticly! It couples a 3-axis flybarless stabilization system along with an engine governor. The included software setting for basic and advanced means if youre an intermediate pilot you can feel right at home with the unit, and conversely you 3D pilots can change parameters until your hearts content.


Futaba, distributed exclusively by Great Planes Model Distributors, (800) 682-8948