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Graupner GR-18 3XG+3A+VARIO – Flybarless Controller/Receiver Combo

graupner-gr18There is something HoTT in the world of RC right now, specifically the line of Graupner HoTT radio systems. Their radio systems are very robust and packed with tons of really cool features, not to mention they are very ergonomic making them extremely comfortable to fly with. Whether you fly planes, helis or multirotors, there is a Graupner radio system that is perfect for you.

With regards to helis though, Graupner has been able to provide you with the full radio system as well as some amazingly high-performance digital heli servos. The one area that they have not been able to fill is with the flybarless controller. That is until now… The release of the Graupner GR-18 3XG+3A+VARIO 2.4GHz HoTT Gyro Receiver has now taken Graupner to a whole new level for helicopter pilots. You can now outfit your favorite flybarless helicopter with a Graupner radio system, digital servos and FBL controller.

SIZE: 46x21x14mm (1.81x.82x.55 in.)
PRICE: $149.90

The HoTT name stands for Hopping Telemetry Transmission which is a hardware aerial diversity system always switches to the best aerial signal. Graupner offers full telemetry capabilities with sensors for RPM, temperature, GPS and voltage so you always know what is going on with your model in the air.

In addition to its high performance flybarless stabilization capabilites, the unit will also act as a 3-axis stabilization system for aircraft as well, making it easier to fly in difficult windy conditions. The controller’s parameters can be fully adjusted via the HoTT telemetry system. It contains an altitude sensor for vario function and altitude measurements in real time during flight.

We just received a test unit and will be installing in a flybarless helicopter with a full report in a future issue of RC Heli Pilot magazine.

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