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HITEC HG-5000 Micro Gyro & High-Speed Digital Tail-Rotor Servo

As an up-and-coming helicopter junkie, I’m always looking for the next great thing that makes my learning curve a little less steep and allows me to progress more quickly. Toward that end, I recently had the chance to try out a new gyro that promises great performance in a really small package. I flew Ryan White’s Copter C Black Angel with the Hitec HG-5000 gyro and Hitec HSG-5083 MG digital micro-servo and was really impressed with its performance and compact size. It seemed perfect for my upcoming project the 500-class Gaui Hurricane 425 helicopter. When talking with Shawn from Hitec, he assured me that the gyro would work great up through 600-class helis, and he forwarded a couple of setup tips that make rigging the gyro a little easier. Unlike many small gyros, this one is feature-packed, so good attention to detail during the setup stage makes a world of difference. Instead of just plugging the gyro in and accepting whatever performance it gives, the HG-5000 is user-tunable to precisely match not only your tail servo’s signal type and speed, but also
precise endpoints, gyro compensation direction and pirouette rate. With this many unique adjustment points, you can really tune the setup to match not only your unique equipment, but also your personal tastes and flying style.The gyro is remarkably small at .35-ounce and less than 1×0.5-inch square, so the inter-face has to be small as well. Although a little confusing at first, I found once I was familiar with the programming logic it was easy to work with. After teaching the gyro my specific transmitter type and throw volume which is clearly detailed in the manual, I entered the programming functions by pressing and holding the menu button for 3 seconds. Each additional press of the button changes to the next programming option. To adjust the value of each selection, simply move the rudder stick in the direction you wish to change and press the menu button again to lock in the change. Probably the most important selection in the menu is to set the correct servo type.In the case of the Hurricane 425, I would be using the Hyperion DS20GMD high speed digital tail rotor servo so I selected the second option which is tailored to digital servos. Other options include analog servos and the high speed Hitec HSG-5083 MGmicro digital servo that is specifically tailored for this gyro setup. The HSG-5083 MGhas its own unique setting on the HG-5000 that works only with this servo, and with a.07 sec transit time is the fastest Hitec servo yet. Pay special attention to ensure that you specify the correct servo type in this step.
After setting servo type, move onto gyro compensation direction, tail rotor end points, and pirouette rate. Each setup step is generally accompanied by a short test flight to check the setting. I ended up increasing the pirouette rates lightly, and still had additional increases available as my skills improve. Although this gyro takes slightly longer to initially set up than most, I appreciate being able to tailor its performance to my preferences. I’ve found the gyro is the fastest initializing gyro that I’ve flown. Once powered up, it seems to be ready to fly almost instantly. With its remote gain setup, making gain adjustments through the transmitter is easy. Like many gyros, gain settings above 50 per-cent enable the heading-lock mode of the gyro. I find that 60 percent gain in normal mode and 76 percent in Stunt mode really lock the tail in. Pirouette response is quick and sharp with the tail stopping immediately upon release. Although I’m still working on faster backwards flight, I’m not seeing any heading drift at all. At this point in my experience with this gyro, I wouldn’t change a thing about its performance. It fits virtually any 450 and larger helicopters and offers excellent performance and flexible tuning for such a conveniently sized unit. If you’re in the market for a micro-gyro with great performance, this one should be at or near the top of your list.

Price $139.99, HG-5000; $179.99, HG-5000/HSG-5083 MG Combo.


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