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HRP Teams with Thunder Tiger to Distribute TTRobotix Multi-Rotors

HRP Teams with Thunder Tiger to Distribute TTRobotix Multi-Rotors

Thunder Tiger is about to debut their new line of TTRobotix multi-rotors and have teamed up with HRP Distributing to help get the products into your hands!

The new line starts with two new multi-rotors; the Super Hornet and the Ghost. Here is what TT has to say about their new flying machines.

“The Super Hornet is the first release from TTRobotix and will be available in late November 2014. The enlarged frame plates allow additional space to install other flight systems, electronics, gimbals and cameras. The landing gear is constructed from highly durable carbon fiber and can retract in-flight, providing unobstructed camera views. The electronic systems are encased between the frame plates and carbon fiber booms for maximum protection. The Super Hornet’s sleek design also features an under-mounted battery plate that provides a better center of gravity for a more stable flight experience. All four carbon fiber arms are foldable for easy transport. The Super Hornet can be equipped with TTRobotix’s state-of-the-art Hero or Dragon flight systems, which feature advanced GPS altitude hold, return-to-home failsafe and “Follow Me” functions. The Super Hornet K11 ARF package comes with the frame, motors, ESC’s and propellers for $999. An option 3D gimbal (GoPro compatible) is also available. Click here to see the Super Hornet in action.”

“The Ghost is TTRobotix’s more compact multi-rotor craft and will be available in late 2014. Like the Super Hornet, the Ghost comes equipped with an enlarged frame design and retractable landing gear. The unique intelligent power display system shows the battery life and features an anti-spark design. The high-intensity directional LED lights are mounted under each motor to help with flight orientation. The Ghost’s design is compatible with multiple camera gimbal systems and is also able to accept standard LiPo batteries in addition to the proprietary TTRobotix LiPo battery. The Ghost F12 RTF package comes equipped with a GPS-enabled flight system, 6S 6000mAh battery, radio and 3D gimbal (GoPro compatible) for $1,349. Click here to see the Ghost in flight.”

The spec sheet on both machines also looks impressive:

Ghost Specifications
Diagonal distance: 450mm
Frame weight (motor, ESC, propeller): 1.55Kg
Motor stator size: 28x14mm
Motor KV: 450rpm/V
ESC current: 30A
ESC voltage: 6S Lipo (22.2V)
Propeller size: 11” x 5”
Max. battery compartment capacity: 6S LiPo
Takeoff weight: 2.25Kg (using 6S/6000mAh proprietary battery)
Max hover time (est.): 25mins (using 6S/6000mAh proprietary battery)

Super Hornet Specifications
Diagonal distance: 650mm
Frame weight (motor, ESC, propeller): 2.47Kg
Motor stator size: 41x14mm
Motor KV: 320rpm/V
ESC current: 30A
ESC voltage: 6S LiPo (22.2V)
Propeller size: 14”x4.7”
Takeoff weight: 3.2Kg (using 6S/6000mAh proprietary battery)
Max hover time (est.): 18mins (using 6S/6000mAh proprietary battery)

We’re excited to get our hands on both of these products and will have full reviews of them in an upcoming issue of Heli Pilot Magazine!