Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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KDE Direct XF Brushless Motor Series Combinations and Electronics

The XF Brushless Motor Series website has been updated with four new sections to make it easier for customers to get the latest new XF Brushless Series Products and optimal electronics setups. Now available are the new Castle Creations EDGE HV, EDGE, and TALON electronic speed controllers (ESC) in the XF Electronics Section, as well as the BEC PRO and other programming adapters for easy installation and setup. In addition, we’ve added a simple pull-down menu selection of XF Brushless components and electronics in the XF Combo Section for those pilots looking for simple and custom-selection of products for their personalized setup.

Full details, specifications, and purchase information for the XF Brushless Motor Series is available in the standard XF Brushless Motor Section, as well as the new Replacement Kits Section for those looking to do Fall-season maintenance on their fleet or alternate shafts for various applications.

Last week we mentioned the Private Release of the XF Brushless Motor specific firmware from Castle Creations for their latest equipment (4.18 – KDE). At the request of their Engineers for further testing with other off-brand motors, we are providing this to our customers as a Private Release. For those customers looking for the optimal setup for their helicopter, please feel free to e-mail us at sales@kdedirect.com and we’ll provide you with a private release of the code and instructions for installation. Enhancements include higher-power range, extremely smooth governor algorithms and power-delivery, and cooler running temperatures (improved efficiency). This is a free-upgrade for all current or future customers – all part of our commitment to providing you the best products on the market and leading customer support.