Thursday, May 19, 2022
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KDE Direct XF Gen3 Brushless Motor Series

The KDE Direct XF Gen3 Brushless Motor Series is now available for pre-launch orders, with an estimated shipping date scheduled for March 3rd (03/03) or earlier. Using the latest Computer-Aided Magnetic Field Analysis software to design the most efficient and optimized design for high-level, 3D-competition flight and the highest-quality materials and processes in manufacturing; the new “G3” series is the next generation in flight performance for the RC Helicopter marketplace. Check out the updated Gearing Recommendations (PDF) document for recommended voltages and governed headspeed recommendations for a wide-variety of gearing ratios. Five new versions are being released on this initial production launch:

KDE700XF-455-G3, 10-Pole, 455Kv, 4541 Design

KDE700XF-505-G3, 10-Pole, 505Kv, 4541 Design

KDE700XF-535-G3, 10-Pole, 535Kv, 4530 Design

KDE600XF-530-G3, 10-Pole, 530Kv, 3538 Design

KDE500XF-1350-G3, 10-Pole, 1350Kv, 3528 Design

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