Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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OS Motor 700 & 800 Sized Brushless Heli Motors

Now available for 700-800 class helis, O.S. continues its line of brushless flight motors with the tradition of quality and performance pilots expect. The 5830-490kV motor is the perfect choice for FAI F3C competition, while the 5825-520kV option is designed for extreme 3D aerobatics. Both motors include a heat-reducing stator and require 12S LiPo power. For extreme 3D flight, there’s no better choice than the 5825-520 Brushless 700-800 Heli Motor. According to champion heli pilot Nick Maxwell: “The O.S. 5825-520 is powerful and efficient; a perfect match for demanding 3D maneuvers and flight styles.” Stop by your local dealer to get yours today.
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