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Pilot Profile: Chris Reibert

This article was originally published in RC Heli Pilot February/March 2016 issue.

Chris Reibert-3

RCHP: How many years have you been in the hobby?

Chris Reibert: I have been flying for 28 years.

RCHP: How did you get involved in the hobby?

CR: My Papa (grandfather) got my father into the hobby first and then they passed it on to me in 1986.

RCHP: Do you have family in the hobby?

CR: Yes my Papa, father and brother all fly model airplanes.

RCHP: Who did you look up to when you were first starting out?

CR: My father and grandfather were pivotal in my hobby growth and I would not be where I am today with helicopters if it wasn’t for the Ray and Kyle Stacy.

RCHP: How do you fit the hobby into your daily routine?

CR: I try to get out and fly whenever I have free time between the balance of family and work. Usually my father and I get out to the field with Kyle on Sundays.

RCHP: Are you working on any new maneuvers?

CR: I have been trying to master piroflips this season.

RCHP: What has been your most difficult maneuver(s) to master?

CR: Skids in backwards hurricanes has test- ed my brain and made me work.

Chris Reibert-4RCHP: Do you spend time on the forums?

CR: I used to until I started my own web- page,, where you can see all my builds and reviews, new projects I’m working on and send me a message anytime.

Chris Reibert-5
Back in the ’80s where it all started.

RCHP: What do you enjoy most about our hobby?

CR: The people I meet, get to help and share my passion for the hobby with on a daily basis.

RCHP: What do you recommend to someone who is looking to learn to fly model helicopters?

CR: Buy a quality sim and an inexpensive helicopter to learn on and sim, sim, sim!

RCHP: Do you fly other types of aircraft?

Chris Reibert-6
Three generations of pilots.

CR: Yes I enjoy planes, gliders, FPV racers and just about anything RC.

RCHP: What keeps your interest in the hobby?

CR: The people! Since I started my helicop- ter webpage and Facebook pages I am answering questions and emails daily from people interested in the hobby. Some people write me just to tell me how I have inspired them in the hobby. Nothing makes me feel better than knowing that I can make a differ- ence in this hobby.

RCHP: Who are your current sponsors?

CR: Scorpion, Pulse, MKS servos, Castle, Canomod and Vbar Control.

RCHP: If you could have a “do over” in the hobby what would you change?

Chris Reibert-8
Chris with his daughter, Hailey.

CR: I wouldn’t change a thing. I am extremely blessed to be where I am at in the hobby today.

RCHP: Any upcoming projects you’re working on that you could share with us?

CR: I am constantly updating my webpage and Facebook page with my most current projects and reviews.

RCHP: What is your favorite size model to fly and why?

CR: I really have a soft spot for the 300 size machine and my Goblin 380 has become my favorite helicopter to date. I can just about fly it anywhere I want, it flies like a 500 size machine, batteries are inexpensive and maintenance is very minimal.

RCHP: How do you feel the hobby has evolved over the past 10 yrs?

CR: It has changed drastically not only in the past 28 years I’ve been in the hobby, but the last few years have seen exponential growth. With all the RTF models and self level/ bailout technology, just about anybody can get into flying RC helicop- ters at any age.

RCHP: What motivates you on a daily basis?

Chris Reibert-7
Chris buddy boxing his 92 year old Papa.

CR: Being the best hus- band and father I can be for my family and an honest and genuine ambassador for our hobby.