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Spektrum DX8 AirWare Version 2.05 Now Available

Spektrum has just released a new AirWare update for the DX8.

Spektrum™ DX8 AirWare™

Change Log: Version 2.05 13 August 2012

Software Features

• Added support for GPS and High Current telemetry sensors.
• Enabled up to 32-pole motors for the brushless RPM sensor.
• Enabled SD telemetry log file
• Enabled ability to configure inactivity timer
• Enabled backlight configurability (Auto/On/Off)
• Enabled dimming control of the orange Spektrum LED for night flying
• Adjusted vibe motor RPM to be less aggressive

Software Corrections

• Fixed bug that could reset the radio when scrolling through Mix options.
• Corrected L/R trimmer ‘forgetting’ assignment after power cycle.
• Improved translations in French and Italian screens.
• Corrected export of flap configuration.
• Corrected over-travel of flaps that could result in reversed operation at extreme deployments.
• Corrected switch change on Acro throttle cut screen when going from the initial switch selection to the edit page.
• Corrected timer to work properly in Throttle Out mode when using reversed throttle channel.
• Corrected end-point adjustability when Trainer is used as an input to a channel.
• Corrected trainer normal Master mode so that it doesn’t modify controls from the slave. In previous versions it could reverse channels vs. what was expected. NOTE: This change affects sub-trim and travel of existing models and ones you
will import. You may need to adjust sub-trims and travel on all control surfaces in
both airplanes and helicopters.