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Blade Micro AH-64 Apache RTF & BNF

Pilots who love scale helicopters will do a double take when they see the newly announced Blade Micro AH-64 Apache gunship. Available in both BNF and RTF packages, this micro sized model uses AS3X technology to help keep flight maneuvers …

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Blade 230 S Heli RTF and BNF with SAFE Technology

Innovative  SAFE® technology and its progressive system of flight modes makes flying a collective pitch heli easy, even if you’re a beginner. And that just may make the new Blade 230 S helicopter the ideal platform for getting started in …

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Blade 360 CFX BNF Basic

The Blade 360 CFX captures all of the capabilities of a much larger unlimited 3D heli in its mini sized airframe. Features that contribute to its extreme performance envelope include a high voltage 6S LiPo battery powered brushless power system …

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Blade 180 CFX BNF Basic


Blade has managed to pack everything that a hard core heli pilot would expect from a 700 size, pro-class heli into a 180 sized 3D machine that can be flown just about anywhere! The flybarless Blade 180 CFX features Spektrum …

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Blade 450 X BNF and RTF

The Blade heli development team has utilized their decades of combined RC experience and talent to design the new and exciting Blade 450 X.  This new heli comes packed with great features and is touted as being the lightest airframe in …

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Blade 200 SR X RTF/BNF

Advancing from a beginner heli to an intermediate flybarless heli has never been more seamless than with the 200 SR X. The Blade 200 SR X is the first fixed pitch heli to employ SAFE™ technology for an unparalleled flybarless …

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Blade Red Bull BO-105 CB 130 X BNF

The Red Bull® BO-105 CB 130X is an accurate scale model of the famous Red Bull BO-105 CB, operated by the Flying Bulls, capable of the same aerobatics and more. This Heli not only resembles its full scale inspiration, it …

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lade 350 QX RTF and BnF ~ The GoPro Compatible Quadcopter from Blade!

  The Blade team is currently working on a very exciting project! Many have asked for a Blade platform to mount video equipment to and Blade is now proud to unveil the new Blade 350 QX quadcopter! Designed to fill …

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Blade Nano QX RTF with SAFE Technology

The Nano QX uses the SAFE™ technology system with sophisticated flight control software to keep itself stable in a hover while in stability mode. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can switch the SAFE system to agility mode for faster …

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