Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Heli Training Forward Flight Procedure Turns

This month, 1st U.S. RC Flight School’s progressive helicopter training series is aimed at helping new heli pilots learn forward flight procedure turns with greater efficiency and fewer mistakes.

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How to Fly the Funnel

Training: How to Fly the Funnel

It’s Gravity Defying A funnel is a maneuver where the helicopter is flying sideways in a horizontal circle in the air. When done at high speed, the angle of the rotor disk relative to the ground will approach 90 degrees. …

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Fixed or Collective Pitch, Small or Large, Paper or Plastic?

Hover Pad: Fixed Pitch or Collective Pitch

Swinging its tail around to point cannons in your face, the scale Super Cobra hovering at eye level sucked you right in and inspired a whisper; “I’ve gotta have one of those!” And that is when the trouble began. You …

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