Monday, October 18, 2021
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KDE Direct 500XF-925-G3 SAB Goblin 380 Brushless Motor

The new KDE Direct 500XF-925-G3 High-Performance Brushless Motor is an extremely efficient and powerful motor designed  to work with any 450 through 500-class Electronic RC helicopter. This motor is especially intended for use in the new SAB Heli Division Goblin 380.  This …

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Thunder Tiger Raptor E700 Power Pack Heli Motor System

No need to experiment with different brushless motor and ESC combinations — the Power Pack delivers the best of both in a single, powerful package. It pairs the performance of an ACE R/C OBL 50/05-50H brushless outrunner motor to the …

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KDE Direct XF Gen3 Brushless Motor Series

The KDE Direct XF Gen3 Brushless Motor Series is now available for pre-launch orders, with an estimated shipping date scheduled for March 3rd (03/03) or earlier. Using the latest Computer-Aided Magnetic Field Analysis software to design the most efficient and …

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KDE Direct XF Brushless Motor Series Combinations and Electronics

The XF Brushless Motor Series website has been updated with four new sections to make it easier for customers to get the latest new XF Brushless Series Products and optimal electronics setups. Now available are the new Castle Creations EDGE …

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