Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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JR Xbus Completer Packs

The new XBus XPack Completer packages are designed to take the guesswork out of setting your next model. Available in four separate packages, each package is tailored to outfit the different types of aircraft that most greatly benefit from XBus …

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JR Infinity RG031BX XBus Dedicated DMSS Receiver

The Infinity RG031BX receiver is truly unique as it is not only the Worlds First Dedicated Serial Bus receiver, but its available channels are also only limited by your transmitter. Weighing in at only 7 grams, the amaz-ing Infinity RG031BX …

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JR XBus Serial Communication System

XBus is like having your own ‘local area network’ within your model. One single XBus connection from your receiver opens up a world of infinite possibilities. The XBus serial communication system allows you to control up to 56 servos (14 …

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