Sunday, May 22, 2022
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VIDEO: Ares RC Optim 300

The Ares RC Optim 300 is an excellent machine with which newer heli pilots can carefully, progressively and strategically build their heli piloting proficiency. The engineers at Ares have equipped this 300 sized heli with a powerful brushless power system, belt driven tail rotor and six axis gyro stabilized flybarless head. A variety of flight modes and bailout features are included and can help pilots stay out of trouble while learning new maneuvers. This is an aerobatic/3D trainer heli that pilots can grow with. A pilot that masters all that the Optim 300 has to offer will be ready to advance into a hardcore 3D heli!

Read the complete review in the October/November issue of RC Heli Pilot Magazine. Here is a short video of our maiden flight: