Wednesday, March 14, 2018
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HD Helicopters Releases The HD 750 … Bigger Is Better!

hd2HD Helicopters of Germany known for their premium HD500 helicopter will be releasing their latest model, a competition grade 750-size model that can swing up to 766mm main blades and 126mm tail blades. This new HD750 benefits from the same level of uncompromising precision and thoughtful engineering that exemplified their HD500. From a full, real carbon fiber frame and tail boom to 7075 aluminum, the airframe is built to be extremely strong, rigid, and lightweight. The canopy is constructed of hand laid fiberglass into a streamlined shape. The on-purpose exaggerated belt powertrain is designed to handle the massive power that 800-size motors can output without skipping or stripping.

Likewise to the HD500, the HD750’s low vibration powertrain, oversize gearing and versatile main rotor damper system supports a wide range of motors, blades and head speeds. Beta testers flew the model down to 1250 RPM before tail performance started to degrade and all the way up to 2250 for outrageous air shredding performance. Thanks to the versatility of the airframe, you just pick the motor KV, blade type and batteries (up to 14s) for your desired flying style.

hd3The airframe is receptive to all manner of outrunner motors for 700-800+ size models running on 12s to 14s LiPo packs. One of the prototype testers even sport flew the model on 7s for 6 minutes. The HD750 was engineered for the ultimate in flight performance adaptability.


For $1600 you’ll receive a hand-built model by the staff of Superstition Hobbies out of Queen Creek, Arizona.


Additional Specifications:

– CCPM compatible PCM or 2,4Ghz Radio System with 3 x Standard-Servos and 1 x Standard Tail Servo (not included)

– 3 axis Virtual Flybar System (not included)

– 700-size 450Kv or equivalent outrunner motor – 800/850 size 400Kv or equivalent outrunner motor (not included)

-LiPo Pack 12S or 14S 3700 to 5000mAh (depending on setup)

-120A to 200A ESC (not included)

-CF FBL Main Blades 690 – 766mm (not included)

-CF Tail Blades 115 to 126mm (not included)

-Final Main Drive Ratio: 9.23:1

-Final Tail Drive Ratio: 4.57:1